Premier League match betting markets you should know about

English Premier League is counted amongst the most keenly followed football tournaments in the world, and has a multi-million pounds betting industry surrounding it.

It’s one of the few football events where you can get betting tips from highly seasoned experts. Just like it is important to follow World Cup tips only of the most reliable sources, for the Premier League too, you must seek help of no one but the best in the business. Let’s now take you over some of the individual match betting markets in the Premier League that you should be aware of.

To win the match

This is the most obvious bet type wherein you back a team that you think will prevail in the upcoming contest. For instance, those of you who backed Liverpool to prevail over Chelsea (in their recent contest) might not be smiling right now!

As expected, you’d get small odds if you bet on a team which is going into the game as huge favourites. On the other hand, you might get some very long odds on the underdogs.

Correct score

Comparatively longer priced markets, correct score market is about predicting the exact score of the upcoming match. It’s far more difficult compared to guessing a match winner. In case you are sure that the league leaders would cruise through in the upcoming contest, rather than backing them to win the match, you might want to bet on something like a 4-0 home win. This market isn’t only limited to the full-time result, as you can bet on the half-time score as well. On a side note, you could use any of these betting systems to maximize your betting profit.

First goal scorer

Another highly popular individual match betting market in the Premier League, this one is about the player you expect to score the first goal in the match. It’s a fairly strange bet in the way that sometimes it might last no more than a minute, or the entire 90 minutes. As expected, the odds offered on a player might vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, and position to position. For instance, a striker might be offered at a much lower price compared to a defender or a midfielder.

Over/under bets

Another interesting way to bet on the Premier League matches, over/under markets are frequently offered for the 2.5 goals line. In these types of bet, you need to predict the total number of goals scored in a football match (combined score of both the teams) to be under or over 0, 1, 2, 3 or more goals. For instance, you could predict the exact score in the upcoming Liverpool vs Brighton encounter on May 13, 2018.


As is evident from the title, you are required to predict who’d be winning at the half-time and the full time of the game. Expect the longest odds if you choose one team to be leading at the halftime, and the other winning in the end. The odds would most likely be much shorter if you back the same team to be leading at both half-time as well as full-time.

Time of the first goal

You’d be offered different odds on the different time ranges like 0 to 11 minutes, 11 to 20 minutes and so on. It’s a type of bet wherein you might quickly go from wishing for no goals, to suddenly scream for a goal, with the ticking clock.

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