Premier League betting facts you should know about

The English Premier League is easily the topmost league for the game of football in Europe. In fact, it’s a league that’s very closely followed throughout the world; Premier League games reach more than 4 billion people the world-over! Equally popular is betting on English Premier League matches.  In fact more popular than the combined betting industry of the Italian Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga. Sports bettors everywhere constantly seek genuine football tips to help them score handsome betting profits from Premier League matches such as the upcoming game between Manchester United vs Leicester. Let’s find out how you should bet on the games and points to keep in mind when placing bets online.

Betting on EPL matches

When you’re betting on Premier League matches, there are many things you can do to maximise your profit chances. The majority of these things are actually applicable to football betting in general, no matter which tournament, division or league you’re punting on. Some of these things include:

  • Maintaining detailed records of the placed bets
  • Betting only if you find value in the bets
  • Having active accounts with various online bookmakers
  • Specialising in certain betting markets
  • Actively studying and using some efficient betting method

Importance of research and analysis

It’s no news that knowledge is power. And this knowledge when used in football betting can help you beat the bookmakers and make huge profits. However, please note that the Premier League is by far the most difficult league to beat the bookmakers at. And we aren’t just talking about the sport of football here. Study any sports league in any part of the world and compare it against the English top flight, and you’ll know how accurate the Premier League odds are.

But how is that possible? Simply because out of all the major leagues in the world, the Premier League gets the maximum betting action. The sheer number of bets placed on any typical weekend match can be overwhelming for even the seasoned bookmaker. The volume of opinions that give rise to these bets, is what’s responsible for creating an efficient betting market. An efficient betting market is one where the offered odds are by far the most accurate reflection of the chances of the underlying clubs. So, if you’re serious about making money from Premier League betting, you cannot do without studying all aspects and plenty of your own due diligence. At the most basic level, you must go through all the Premier League stats, head-to-head records, suspensions, injuries, fixtures and news.

Betting on the Premier League online

Considering the wide range of Premier League betting markets offered by all bookmakers, selecting the right one for your needs can be a slightly overwhelming task. There are certain important points you must keep in mind before going with any online bookmaker. Specifically keeping the Premier League betting in mind, following are the important things you must consider:

  • Whether it offers mobile betting on the Premier League matches.
  • Bookmaker’s media profile and overall reputation.
  • Premier League promo offers and welcome bonuses provided by the bookmaker.
  • Cash out facilities and the offered in-play betting markets.
  • The diversity of the offered betting markets.
  • The kind of betting odds offered and the bookmaker’s commissions.

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